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I was introduced to Derek by a colleague of mine when I was looking for someone to help me with a video presentation for my daughter’s bridal shower.  I contacted Derek and we chatted about what I was looking for and some ideas I had.  My copies were not digital so Derek was going to have to scan everything before he even started to put the presentation together and yes there were a lot of pictures.  I met with him briefly one morning at his office and literally dumped all my pictures, song choices and details on his desk.   About three days later Derek gave me a call to come have a look at what he had put together.  Of course being Italian I am somewhat of an emotional sort and it is difficult to express how I felt while watching what he had produced.  Needless to say there were tears by the end of the show.  He captured many of my ideas but also used his artistic flare and technical experience to enhance the video.  The video was a huge hit at the shower and not a dry eye in the house.  My daughter couldn’t have been more thrilled to have such a wonderful keepsake.

After showing the video to her fiance there was no two ways about it we needed to have one for the wedding.  Under a short deadline (I’m sorry again) Derek created more magic and produced a video appropriate for the wedding.  It was a huge hit!!! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Derek’s work to anyone, you won’t be disappointed.  Derek, thanks again for helping add that extra touch to Kayla and Joe’s wedding celebration.

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